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About us

Bergzicht is an award-winning South African non-governmental organisation (NGO) with a proud history in training and development. Bergzicht offers a unique training model that strives towards the independence of the students, providing high quality market related skills and employability. As much as the core is training and skills development, Bergzicht believes that through the training model a holistic value chain is created enabling students to realise their potential and become valued and contributing members of society.


We equip our students with life skills through our compulsory iPOWER (Self-Empowering) Foundation Programme. Our Advanced Programmes focusses on Child Care, Health and Frail Care and Food Service Assistance training. As part of all our advance programmes, we ensure students gain practical workplace experience and insights through Work Experience Modules, (WEM) forming part of the Advanced training programmes.

Student Support, Development, Job Placement & Annual Alumni Celebration Day

Enabling our students with every possible tool to achieve their chosen success and a sustainable future is at the core of everything we do at Bergzicht Training & Development.
Our resolute focus on evaluating the challenging and changing environment in which we operate ensures relevance. Offering evolving and optimal solutions for our students positively impact their families and communities. Bergzicht Training & Development has a proud 32-year history of upskilling unemployed people with top quality, certified training programmes for sustainable employment. A unique part of this offering has always been the placement of qualified students. The Student Development team, serving as a support entity, the mentoring process is bolstered in order to retain jobs. Their aim is to assist students beyond training and job search, when mentoring continues into the first year of employment through inhouse psycho-social support and regular employer contact. This results in two graduations: one after qualifying from the programme and another after a year of employment at the annual Celebration Day. The positive and measurable impact on both our students’ success rates and sustainable employability has led to exceptional levels of placement and work retention.

Job placement

Due to our high standards and quality training offered and excellent reputation, we are contacted by various companies on a regular basis who need cleaners, housekeeping attendants, junior chefs, child carers and health carers for prospective job opportunities.
Potential employers in need of placement services or desiring to partner with us through our Work Integrated learning (WIL) programmes and can gain access to our database by emailing Corine Mans at or contacting our office.

Our Programmes

iPOWER PROGRAMME (Certified Programme)

The iPower (Self-Empowering) Foundation Programme is a compulsory life skills programme where students are taught critical skills, such as problem-solving, teamwork and communication. This 20-day programme also enables the student’s self-knowledge, in addition to acquiring basic kitchen and housekeeping skills. Part of the programme is a 3-day Wilderness Experience Camp (partnered with USIKO) which has a transformative effect on participants by helping them overcome self-sabotaging behaviors, reducing the risk of employment challenges, and equipping them with vital problem-solving skills necessary for both personal and workplace situations. All students must complete this programme before qualifying for an opportunity to be interviewed for the selection of one of the advanced training programmes.

HEALTH & FRAIL CARE (Accredited Programme: QCTO Home Based Personal Assistant: ID 104779 – part qualification)

The Health Care programme provides accredited training for those interested in a career in caring for the frail, disabled and sick. It covers subject such as Primary Health, Palliative Care, Mobility and Basic First Aid.
Graduates find employment at health care facilities such as hospitals, clinics, nursing agencies, hospices, childcare facilities, and private home-based care.

CHILD CARE & FIRST AID (Certified Programme)

The Child Care Skills Programme provides certified training in the caring of children. The Child Care programme teaches students the skills such as School readiness, Perceptual development, Basic mathematical science, movement, creatively and literacy as well as Basic Certified Level One First-Aid training

FOOD SERVICE ASSISTANCE (QCTO: Food Handler ID 110644 -part qualification)

This programme provides training for the hospitality industry with an accredited training partner, including practical workplace learning. Students are taught the basic entrance to industrial kitchen, workplace safety and kitchen hygiene, equipment handling and care, preparation, cooking and garnishing skills.

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Off Du Toit Street behind the taxi rank, Stellenbosch Central
Office: 021 8833525