Stellenbosch Youth Employment

How It Works

Search, connect and employ. The Support Stellenbosch Employment page offers employers the opportunity to find relevantly skilled candidates. Once candidates have been identified, employers can connect personally with the colleges to get a personal insight on the identified individual(s). Equipped with insight on both the skills and personal qualities of candidates, employers can effectively recruit the right person for the job.

Each of our partner learning institutions have well developed recruitment processes and once enrolled, the students receive quality work training and job readiness development.

The colleges load qualified applicants onto the Employment Page for permanent positions (graduates), part-time work and internships. Employers can seek for relevant candidates and once identified they have an opportunity to gain more information and insight on the selected candidates through personal contact with the colleges.

By connecting colleges directly to employers, an enabling environment is created for all parties, resulting into an effective employment process.

Employers are requested to register with no obligation or costs. This registration allows us to insure that only qualified potential employers have access to the personal details of candidates.